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Partnership For Leading Device Intelligence Technology.

We've partnered and integrated iovation's device-based fraud detection technology. Their technology is operational and available within our KYC data hub and data sources.

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KYC. Compliance. Anti-Fraud.

Offering hundreds of global premium KYC data sources for automated compliance, paired with advanced anti-fraud technology with real-time intelligence, all via a single API.

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Product Enhancement

Launched an Innovative KYC Hub Technology.

We've launched our new KYC data hub. The KYC hub now home to hundreds of KYC data sources and rich functionality you'll have everything you need to effortlessly implement and manage your KYC world-wide.

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Product Acknowledgement

Ranked as a Most Trusted Solution Provider of 2018.

Following a comprehensive review of all nominees by Insight Success with consideration of aspects to provide an all-encompassing risk management solution and global services, we excelled and ranked in the Top 10 Most Trusted ERM Solution Providers of 2018.

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Interview With The Paypers

Bring KYC and Anti-Fraud For Frictionless Onboarding.

The Paypers talks with us about ways of boosting the digital onboarding process with optimal KYC, compliance and fraud prevention measures.

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Instantly Be
PSD2 Ready.

Our KYC data source suite not only makes you compliant across all customer touch points, but keeps you compliant.

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Harmonised Data Analysis.

Expand into a new market or adjust fraud prevention with quantifiable data. Get your free data simulation!

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One API Is All You Need.
KYC, Compliance and Anti-Fraud.

4Stop aggregates trusted information, managed services, data, software and expertise to establish a next-generation all-in-one KYC, compliance and anti-fraud solution. Through one API you access hundreds of global KYC data sources, data science and 4Stop's proprietary real-time anti-fraud and monitoring technology.

Dashboard Monitoring


Automated, Real-Time KYC

Hundreds of integrated KYC data sources to provide premium global coverage, activate in real-time and enable cascading verification logic.

Future-Proof Global Compliance

Through one API activate KYC to be complaint and stay compliant at every touch point regardless of the changing regulatory landscape.

Multi-Faceted Rules Engine

Rules wizard with over 800+ pre-determined rules, free-form rule scripting, time-frame intelligence, real-time rule deployment and much more.

Advanced Real-Time Monitoring

Fully customisable dashboard with real-time intelligence, detailed reports, and the ability to filter your data output by various categories in seconds.

Harmonized Data Science

Create whole market profile analysis reports to make well informed decisions based on quantifiable data to optimise KYC and anti-fraud for any market.

Fully Managed Services

IT independence with our one-click KYC activation and data scientists available 24/7 to support your 4S integrated solution as you require.

Enterprise-level solution to fully support and scale to your customers and transaction volume.

Dashboard Monitoring

Hundreds of Global
KYC Data Sources.

Activating required KYC per localized regulation without multiple integrations, drain on development resources and time to market is a primary pain point that 4Stop solves. 4Stop provides global KYC for compliance in a fail-safe, future-proof, simplified and real-time manner.

Future-Proof Compliance
With World-Wide Coverage.

Through a single API have global compliance coverage by accessing hundreds of KYC data sources with the ability to activate them in real-time. All backed behind 4Stop's rich data output, establishing customised reports for regulatory bodies is quick and easy.

  • Instant compliance at every touchpoint
  • IT independence to stay compliant
  • AML monitoring & effortless reporting

Dashboard Monitoring Monitoring Monitoring
anti-fraud rules engine anti-fraud rules engine

Multi-Faceted Rules Engine
With Automated Intelligence.

4Stop’s proprietary real-time anti-fraud and monitoring technology allows you to monitor your traffic from a single-view-of-risk with quantifiable data and real-time intelligence. The rules engine is designed with robust feature-rich technology to allow dynamic checking and securing of customers and their transactions.

  • 800+ pre-determined rule parameters
  • Free form rule scripting
  • Cascading rule verification technology

  • Automated responses and system actions
  • Automated time-frame intelligence
  • Account association logic

  • Automated system parameter responses
  • Set rules to specific merchant, group or type
  • Exportable rule performance data reports

Improve Reaction Times
With a Centralised View of Risk.

Know exactly what is going on everyday, all day. Through fully integrated anlaytics and the ability to one-click activate widgets from the hundreds of pre-determined reporting widget library and reposition widget placement you will fully customise your dashboard experience to optimise your monitoring processes. Paired with the systems robust filter options and tab review functionality, to effortlessly drill down to exactly the data you want to review and/or compare. We make monitoring simple and enjoyable.

Dashboard Monitoring

Real-time Intelligence

Through one integration, enjoy a global centralised view of risk with auto-refreshed monitoring of registrations, payment volumes, declined rates, chargebacks and much more at both merchant, sub-merchant and customer level.

Multi-layered Monitoring

See it all, from our risk analysis dashboard, detailed summary reports, customer profiles and transactional history, comprehensive rules output reports, to case reviews with a wide range of data vendor responses.

One-Click Reviews

Triage your traffic with ease. Instantly targeted one-click review queues configured for any criteria with performance monitoring for complete history profiling backlog. Coupled with the ability to generate customised export and reports.

Dashboard Monitoring Monitoring

Harmonised Data
Simulation Reports.

Easily establish full market profiles and risk rule simulations to understand your risk exposure and to optimize current risk processes or to establish accurate KYC, compliance and fraud prevention processes prior to entering a new market. With comprehensive data simulation reports you can make quantifiable decisions to confidently expand globally and optimize your KYC and fraud prevention processes.

All-In-One KYC, Compliance and Anti-Fraud

How our solution works across all customer touchpoints.

How 4Stop Works

Future-Proof KYC, Compliance and Anti-fraud.

It can be a cumbersome, time consuming, and costly process to implement the necessary data sources required to adhere to regulatory requirements within the various regions your business operates. Now with 4Stop, you simply activate the KYC required and effortlessly stay compliant, with only ONE integration.


Say good-bye to multiple integrations to support your KYC requirements. Effortlessly activate and perform any KYC in an automated and real-time manner with real-time deployment and the ability to configure our real-time cascading verification logic.


Through the hundreds of integrated KYC data sources we provide you with true world-wide coverage. Allowing you to confidently adhere to your KYC for compliance and enter new markets around the globe quickly with minimal impact on your business operations.


Our single API platform was designed to streamline your operations and put minimal to zero touch on your internal IT development resources and our Data Scientists are here to help whether you are entering a new region, need to aggregate data, or configure new risk rules.

4Stop Use Cases

Our continued investment in robust technology means that clients can confidently integrate with an organization at the forefront of leading-edge KYC, compliance, risk technology to keep your 4S solution effective and cutting-edge.

Businesses that have utilized 4Stop’s anti-fraud technology experience a 66.6% reduction in chargebacks in the first 2 months with an average of 81.5% approval authorization rate.

With 4Stop's real-time cascading KYC verification technology, businesses have seen a growth of 10.9% in savings within the first 2 months.

  • Chargeback Reduction:
  • Authorization Rates Increased:
  • Savings Increased: