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Globally manage your 4S integration with zero touch on your internal dev. resources.

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We're fully dedicated to your business and will support you and your risk operations team to meet your targeted objectives, allowing you to focus on what really matters, growing your business.

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Extended Risk Management

We understand the complexities in managing customers and their transactions across various clients, transaction methods and global locations, as well staying on top of the latest digital activity to manage risk.

From creating and managing rule configurations, queue management, activating KYC data sources, to fully managing your risk processes within your 4S integration, our risk specialists have 15+ years experience and are here to help.

Monitoring Services

Let us be your third, fourth and fifth eye. Our fraud analysts never stop and will triage your traffic, stay on top of your transactional volume 24/7 from merchants, to sub-merchants, customers and their transactions.

We'll alert you on events trigging a rule, an updated risk management process, or an action that is required from you and your team. Coupled with our extended risk management services to instantly resolve issues, giving you complete peace-of-mind.

Business Intelligence

Our platform is built with fully integrated anayltics with the ability to export in-depth reports in a click, along side enriched data simulation anyalsis with the advanced business intelligence for the complete picture.

Our data scientists will create any data simulation required to support a localized risk management effort and review processing BI to provide expertise to optimise fraud prevention, chargeback reductions and increase your revenues.

We're here for you
Unlease the power of the 4S support team

Support where you need it
Our support services and associated fees are determined during your integration consultancy.


Customised Support
  • Product & Technical Support
  • Training Support
  • Extended Risk Management Services
  • Monitoring Services
  • Queue Management
  • Standard Business Intelligence
  • Data Simulation Reports


100% IT Independence
  • Product & Technical Support
  • Training & Consultancy Support
  • Full Risk Management Services
  • 24/7 Monitoring Services
  • Full Queue Management
  • Advanced Business Intelligence
  • Unlimited Data Simulation Reports
  • Executive-level consultancy
  • Customised Development


Included in all integrations.
  • Product & Technical Support
  • Training Support
  • Core Risk Management Services
  • Monitoring Services
  • Standard Business Intelligence
  • Data Simulation Reports

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We will work with you to determine the best integration and support services to ensure optimal protection against illicit activity and risk management performance to drive results for your business.

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