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Fraud Prevention and Online Authentication Report 2019/2020
Published November 20th, 2020. Download Report Guide view our profile

The global pandemic has utterly shaken our world, global economy, the way people live and interact and as a result, our online eco-system has experienced a boom this year like no other. It is posing as a significant opportunity for eCommerce merchants, PSPs and any entity engaging online. In the second quarter of 2020 online sales went up 71% year-over-year, 36% of consumers shop online weekly since the rise of COVID and 60% of consumers in Europe state they will now continue shopping online in the same level after the outbreak. With this increase of new global internet usage and associated transactional volumes, another black box for risk and fraud presents. Businesses must sync with leading technologies, data orchestration hubs and world-class fraud prevention tools to ensure sustainability within the advancing eco-system.

This year, the Paypers Fraud Prevention and Online Authentication Market Guide report, draws an accurate picture of the landscape in order to educate both the risks and the measures to be taken regarding fraud prevention. This edition provides insightful perspectives on key aspects, including fraud management, identity verification, online authentication, and regulation.

About Overview

4Stop provides global KYB, KYC, compliance, anti-fraud, data science, and monitoring technology – available from one API. Businesses access thousands of data services with real-time activation backed behind customised and dynamic cascading verification and decision-making frameworks. Establishing a centralised view-of-risk saving businesses money and resources managing risk data and operations.

Implementing a multi-layered Know Your Customer (KYC) approach with automated anti-fraud logic bolsters onboarding and user engagement while minimising fraud. You can quickly obtain this methodology through data orchestration hubs, where you access hundreds of KYC data providers and fraud defence tools from one endpoint. Removing the cumbersome and costly processes associated with integrating and managing multiple third-party providers while achieving agility and customisation.

When you pair multiple KYC data sources together under one umbrella you obtain harmonised data responses. 4Stop has build a 3-tier risk analysis scoring methadology that brings immediate trust in risk analaysis to onboard quicker, maximise onboards, improve reaction times to fraud and positively impact risk operations as a whole.

Service Provider

• Data provider and verification
• Digital identity service provider
• Customer verification
• Business verification/underwriting

• Technology vendor
• Web fraud detection company
• Verification-as-a-Service (VaaS)
• Merchant risk/transaction laundering prevention

Unique Points

4Stop leverages its platform to enable merchants to screen for multiple fraud use cases, including onboarding and payment. Our orchestration hub allows for efficient, cost-effective and frictionless verifications of customers and businesses. Paired with dynamic decision-making frameworks and fully customised compliance workflows merchants have an end-to-end solution to confidently mitigate risk, always.

Verification Services

• Geo Location Check
• Phone ID Check
• Device ID
• BIN Check
• Breached Email Check
• Email Verification
• Physical Address Check
• Compliance Watchlist Screening • Real-time Continuous Monitoring
• Adverse Media
• Identity Document Scanning & Live Video

• Biometric Identity Verification
• Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Validation
• Credit Check
• Business ID Verification
• Business Compliance
• Business Web Analysis
• Transaction verification
• Card Verification Value
• Account Association Logic
• Whitelist / Blacklist Database.

Authentication Services

• Geo Location
• Remote Access Detection
• Device Intelligence
• Knowledge-Based Authentication
• Phone 4-Pin
• Facial Biometrics
• Payer and Receiver Authentication
• Behavioural Analysis

• Behaviour Biometrics
• Data Analytics
• Cascading Verification Logic
• Dynamic Anti-Fraud Frameworks
• Mobile App Push
• Hardware Token
• One-Time Passwords.

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