Strategically monetize through data.

With over thousands of global data points and hundreds of data sources to harmonise and improve the quality of your data output and insights. Optimising your fraud prevention processes, businesss performance and revenues.

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Data science available 24/7
With aggregated data at your fingertips you'll know exactly how to expand your business with confidence, knowing you are protected and remaining compliant.

Gain new insights
from big data.

With over 400 global data sources available to you from your single integration into 4S you can perform big data simulation reports and have all the data, you require to make quantifiable business and risk management decisions.

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Grow with Confidence

Want to expand and enter into a new country? Now you can do so in a matter of days and with absolute confidence compliance and fraud prevention are activated accordingly to support. Our Data Scientists will perform whole market profiles to provide you with all the data insight you require to quantify your business decision and risk processes.

Improve Performance

Through big data analysis, you will identify trends and market insights to plan product functionality and improvements to maximise the performance and growth. In conjunction, optimising active KYC to obtain frictionless customer on-boarding and ensure the highest fraud prevention performance is active to drive revenues.

Review and Adjust

Stay agile in our ever changing digital eco-system. Fraudsters are always looking for innovative ways in-which to strike. With big data running in conjunction with machine learning and AI, you'll always be ahead of fraud trends. Using data output to automatically adjust system actions on risk processes and platform interactions with your customers.

Big Data To Quantify Your Processes
Connect with our Data Scientists and receive a FREE data analysis report today.

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Obtain and analyze
big data easily.

Our data scientists will work with you for optimal data output, and our platform is full of tools designed to streamlines your analysis process with your team and provide the ability to instantly make risk process adjustments in your active 4S solution from the data output conclusions.

Create Market Profiles

We make it quick and easy to receive whole market profiles and insights. Simply connect with our Data Scientists and inform them which region you want to focus on and the data results you want to target specifically, and that's it.

Our data scientists will do the rest. We'll collaborate your data simulation with all required KYC data sources to meet your specifications, run the simulation, process your report and notify you when it is ready in your 4S account to review. It's that easy.

Collective Analysis

Through our platforms Smart Tool Review Kit you can quickly and easily view, filter, analyse and collaborate with your operations team on all data output received through your data simulation reports.

Team members can instantly apply 'sticky' decisions, view data vendor sources on demand, post and comment shared operational notes and more. Plus with users settings, you'll have full control on the level of access and review collaboration you want to assign to every team member.

4S Data Scientists

Need some extra brain power? No problem. Enjoy all the data analysis you require with zero touch on operational teams resources. Our Data Scientists are available 24/7 to work with you and your objectives.

From establishing data simulation reports, data analysis and documentation, to providing you with a full observational report within your Smart Tool Review Kit and configuring any new rule parameters and automated system actions. We're here to support you and your team.

Get Your Free Data Simulation Report Today
Maximise your fraud prevention, and be confident in your KYC, compliance and risk management processes to expand into any region globally through the analysis of data and market simulation reports. Our data scientists are available 24/7 and will work with you to receive the data you require to make quantifable decisions.

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