Personalise Player Engagement

Leverage Data Orchestration Hubs to build personalised player engagement and improve overall life-time value.

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Personalise Player Experience.
Leverage Data Orchestration Hubs to build personalised player engagement and improve overall life-time value.
Published on November 14th, 2021.

Since its widespread growth in the 1990s and early 2000s, the Internet has changed nearly every aspect of our lives by connecting us with people worldwide and pushing us to develop new, innovative technologies. With massive technological developments taking place, gaming websites are more accessible across the globe - the market has substantially grown and is much more diverse. In 2020, revenues experienced globally were USD 66.7 billion, respectively.

As a result, many of these platforms have invested in user profiling strategies and technologies to expand their conversion, user retention, market penetration, and of course, increase the overall lifetime value of each player.
The Challenge with Building Player Profiling Today?

Given the sheer number of gaming websites that exist today, a personalised experience is everything when giving users a reason to come back and play again. This discovery has been reflected in many platforms' choice to implement player behaviour biometrics and player profiling to better connect with users through a combination of technological and human interaction.

Although gaming operators have implemented an array of KYC to support their digital identity verifications for compliance and fraud prevention, the bare minimum is often integrated primarily because of the costs and resources associated with managing multiple third-party data providers. Furthermore, the risk of more complex identity verifications could bring any friction level to the player.

However, the more KYC data services active at registration, deposits and payouts, the more affluent a player profile becomes. The data output and data scoring intelligence obtained funnels into the behaviour tracking and monitoring technology.

Today, for many businesses, Google Analytics provides excellent insight. Many operators use additional providers in parallel for their transactions to monitor their first-time depositors, returning player depositors, payouts, conversions and more. Across these various business intelligence and risk management tools and services, an array of data is obtained. However, as they are all separated tools, the information is fragmented and more difficult to establish a holistic view to leverage the data quicker and in an automated manner to personalise player experiences. Therefore, many gaming operators are limited in their personalisation efforts without building a personalisation server-side or developing a proprietary business intelligence platform to gather the various tools data into one view.
Data Orchestration Hubs to Personalise Player Experiences Faster Without the Resources, Costs or Times.

Gain access to countless Know Your Customer data attributes for comprehensive player profiling.
The evolution of our online ecosystem in the past five years has genuinely driven the path for data. We all know that data has become king - the more information you know about a customer or business, the better you can serve them, approve them, engage with them and drive strategical business growth. However, with this growth, regulatory requirements also continue their evolution to better protect industries, businesses, and consumers, with sophisticated fraudsters becoming much more powerful and savvy in the manners to attack. As a result, it has become imperative for companies to implement the base requirements of identity verification for compliance and look beyond to enrich their data for fraud prevention.

As a result, data orchestration hubs have surfaced over the past few years to combine hundreds of data services into one API collectively. Businesses can easily and instantly access an array of KYC, KYB, payment and compliance data services without the cost, time, management and development resources - enabling risk operators to activate additional KYC with ease and flexibility. In turn, leverage this enriched data towards their personalised player experience.

As discussed above, it's one thing to obtain an array of data information and business intelligence. However, if it is fragmented, it poses complications to a personalised program. Orchestration hubs built with a risk marketplace and dynamic anti-fraud technology provides the missing gap in the centralised view of risk. Although the primary use case focuses on fraud prevention, spotting anomalies in player behaviour, transaction monitoring and compliance adherence, the technology is agile to convert the enriched player profile with behaviour tracking into penetration and retention strategies.

For instance, these behaviour tracking tools can monitor the preferred payment method, amount, time of day, frequency, engagement rate and more. Allowing real-time data feedback to implement unique platform experiences based on their interests, automated campaigns, and communications to the player to generate engagement incentives.

Orchestration hubs like 4Stop, a leader offering the most extensive data and risk marketplace globally, brings even further flexibility in data service configuration, cascading logic, thresholds, workflow builders and case management. Whether in addition to data and fraud defence, the focus is on player experience customisation, improved conversions and acceptance rates, retention or growth strategies; their platform is robust to configure use cases with decision-making frameworks to meet your needs.

Build complete market profiles for platform expansion opportunities.
Data orchestration hubs hold power to generate comprehensive market profiles and segmentations. When equipped with this level of information, your company can use quantifiable data when making more significant decisions, such as entering a particular market or investing in a new player program. By obtaining this kind of information quickly, your platform can expand and grow in more intelligent, more competitive ways.

Start building a more dynamic personalised player program today without the cost, time or development resources. 4Stop is the world's first data and risk marketplace, with over 150 data services and advanced proprietary technology to establish a modern Know Your Customer (KYC), Know Your Business (KYB), compliance and fraud prevention. Your business can instantly solve your risk-based approach through a white-labelled experience, the 4Stop cloud platform or the API endpoint. The need to manage multiple third-party data providers with associated contracts and fees or drain on development resources or cumbersome processes staying current with regulatory and fraud prevention requirements is eliminated and replaced with full automation. 4Stop gives flexibility, agility and future-proofed sustainability from a single integration.

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