Global FinTech Company PaySend Integrates and is live with 4Stop’s KYC and Anti-Fraud Technology
Press Release Published on May 24th, 2018. View Press Release on Newswire.

Cologne, Germany - 4Stop (“FourStop GmbH”) a leading KYC and anti-fraud technology provider, announces that it has completed the integration of its proprietary KYC, compliance and risk management technology with PaySend and is live and operational.

When it comes to sending money across the globe, people want a trusted solution that allows them to not only send money through modern payment methods but to have full confidence their payments are secure and will be processed promptly. PaySend is doing just that. They are the next generation money transfer platform that allows their users to confidently send funds from card to card from 40 to over 60 countries. They continually strive to change the way money is moved around the world through enhanced payment transfer options, optimal user experience, absolute seamless, easy and fast processing and most importantly the highest security performed.

PaySend partners with Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay and a global banking network to provide easy, fast and secure money transfers to card and bank accounts. Now through their single integration with 4Stop’s KYC and anti-fraud technology into their money transfer solutions they have layered further fraud prevention processes to maximise security and compliance on transactions.

The 4Stop platform provides hundreds of global KYC data sources for maximum KYC coverage worldwide with premium real-time performance and cascading KYC verification technology. Coupled with 4Stops advanced proprietary fraud prevention software that encompasses a powerful, fully customized, multi-faceted rules engine, real-time monitoring and intelligence, rich database management, data science and much more.

Through this enhancement, users of PaySend will have absolute confidence their identity is verified and authenticated for the highest security measures on their transactions. Giving them complete peace-of-mind when transferring funds across the globe. Furthermore, with 4Stop providing real-time intelligence and monitoring on all customers and their transactions with a depth of verifications performed establishes an elite fraud prevention output for PaySend to ensure positive transaction rates.

“We have always been focused on solving and removing the complexities for businesses KYC, regulatory obligations and fraud prevention obstacles in a manner that truly performed on a global scale. We are thrilled to see our technology integrated with PaySend and to further support their KYC, compliance and anti-fraud requirements with a fail-safe accuracy and in the most streamlined and efficient manner possible.” States 4Stop CEO, Ingo Ernst.

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