International Payment Transfer Provider FlashFX Enhances Additional Customer On-Boarding Security Through 4Stop’s KYC and Anti-Fraud Solution.
Press Release Published on January 23rd, 2019. View Press Release on Newswire.

Cologne, Germany – January 23rd, 2019 (NewsWire) – 4Stop (“FourStop GmbH”) a leader in providing premium global KYC, compliance and anti-fraud technology announces today they are live and operational within FlashFX’s global payment transfer solution.

FlashFX is an international money payment service that can transfer to 35 countries across 18 currencies securely, quickly and with no transaction fees. It is underpinned by the latest technology and partly integrated with Ripple (the distributed ledger payments protocol), providing a cost-efficient, highly automated payments platform to its users. FlashFX has further enhanced the security of their services by integrating 4Stop’s all-in-one KYC, compliance and anti-fraud technology to future-proof their risk mitigation and compliance processes.

One of 4Stop’s technology features is providing hundreds of global KYC data sources available with real-time activation and performance all from their single API. These capabilities make them an ideal solution to support and enhance FlashFX’s services on a global scale with the best data coverage and experience possible.

The primary implementation of 4Stop’s technology for FlashFX focuses on performing industry-leading KYC verifications, including real-time document identity authentication in a manner that does not compromise a frictionless, simple 1-2-3 onboarding experience.

Furthermore, 4Stop performs additional transactional authentication functionality to provide FlashFX end-users with further confidence when facilitating transactions around the world. Through this single integration, FlashFX has access to 4Stop’s proprietary anti-fraud technology to automate risk management processes with a multi-faceted, real-time risk engine, real-time intelligence and transactional monitoring, all from a centralised view.

“The ever-changing global regulatory environment makes it imperative for businesses to find a KYC solution that will not only facilitate the requirements globally and per localised region for today, but enables them to adapt with requirements in a seamless manner. Our solution does just that, and we are very excited to be supporting FlashFX on an international level with our future-proofed, frictionless KYC for secure customer onboarding and enhanced transactional verifications.,” states Ingo Ernst, CEO – 4Stop.

“Security and safety of our clients' personal details and money is our highest priority at FlashFX. Partnering with 4Stop’s KYC, compliance and anti-fraud technology enables FlashFX to meaningfully increase our global compliance and risk management controls. In an industry that demands a robust and thorough KYC solution, we are excited to be using a platform that helps us to continue to meet regulatory standards and provide enhanced onboarding and transaction security for our clients.” says Nicolas Steiger, Chief Enabling Officer, FlashFX.

At FlashFX, we are passionate about providing you with the fastest, easiest, and safest way to send money anywhere in the world. To deliver your money quickly and securely, we are underpinned by the latest technology and securely integrate with Ripple, the distributed ledger payments protocol. We are committed to fair, transparent pricing and constant evolution of our services. This means that you, our customer, will always have complete control. This rigour has helped us become the first Australian digital currency business with an Australian Financial Services License from ASIC. We are also fully regulated by AUSTRAC. Learn more

4Stop, a leading fraud prevention provider solves businesses risk-based approach through a modern, all-in-one KYC, compliance and anti-fraud solution. Based in Germany and founded in 2016, 4Stop’s global compliance and risk management platform brings together their proprietary real-time anti-fraud technology with over 1800 active global premium data sources, in a single integration. 4Stop’s technology creates an unrivaled combination that allows businesses to confidently anticipate risk and are empowered to make well-informed decisions, backed by quantifiable data to manage regulatory obligations that will accelerate their business performance. 4Stop has been developed with a full understanding of compliance needs — locally and globally, today and in the future. Learn more about 4Stop or contact Us.

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