Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Software Provider draglet Integrates 4Stop’s KYC and Anti-Fraud Technology
Press Release Published on April 25th, 2018. View Press Release on Newswire.

Cologne, Germany - 4Stop (“FourStop GmbH”) a leading KYC and anti-fraud technology provider, announces that it has completed the integration of its proprietary KYC and risk management technology with draglet and is now live and operational.

draglet has been deeply involved in the developments of Blockchain technology since the conception of Bitcoin and Ethereum technology. They are passionate about spreading awareness regarding Blockchain technology and to develop innovative Blockchain application solutions that challenge the status quo and accelerate businesses into the prosperous use of digital decentralized technologies. Over the years they have established numerous Blockchain and cryptocurrency software solutions to support the eco-system from their renowned Bitcoin white-label exchange software, ICO implementation, smart contract development and more.

As further growth in adoption within Blockchain and Crypto market occurs, technology foundations, user expectations and regulatory presence all continue to expand and evolve. A primary expansion we have seen is the regulatory requirements for businesses actively involved within the market - which poses challenges to manage and adhere to require regulatory governance in an efficient, confident and optimized manner. This is where draglet and 4Stop combined technologies synergize together.

Through a single integration into 4Stop’s all-in-one KYC and risk management technology, draglet has effortlessly enhanced their software solutions with premium leading-edge KYC, compliance and anti-fraud technology to support the on-going evolution of global regulatory requirements and fraud prevention with digital eco-system.

4Stop provides draglet with hundreds of global KYC data sources for maximium KYC coverage worldwide with premium real-time performance and cascading KYC verification technology. Coupled with 4Stops advanced proprietary fraud prevention software that encompasses a powerful, fully customized, multi-faceted rules engine, real-time monitoring and intelligence, rich database management, data science and much more.

“With the bright future for Blockchain technology developments and digital currencies, we are thrilled to be integrated with draglet and to fully support their KYC, compliance and anti-fraud needs to further enhance their technology and are excited to see them continue to grow and develop innovative Blockchain and cryptocurrency software solutions.", states 4Stop CEO, Ingo Ernst.


draglet is a German company founded in 2013, specialized in developing Blockchain Applications and Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Exchange Software for businesses. Based in Munich, Bavaria, draglet deliver their Blockchain expertise to enterprises worldwide. Need help with Smart Contract applications? They got you. Want to create Digital Tokens for real world assets? They assist you with the implementation and development. Or maybe you want to set up your own White-label Bitcoin Exchange? No problem with their customizable Exchange Software. Their experienced experts specialize in developing tailored blockchain powered applications. To learn more, visit


A leading fraud prevention provider solves businesses risk-based approach through a modern, all-in-one KYC, compliance and anti-fraud solution. Based in Germany and founded in 2016, 4Stop’s global compliance and risk management platform brings together their proprietary real-time anti-fraud technology with over 1800 active global premium data sources, in a single integration. 4Stop’s technology creates an unrivaled combination that allows businesses to confidently anticipate risk and are empowered to make well-informed decisions, backed by quantifiable data to manage regulatory obligations that will accelerate their business performance. 4Stop has been developed with a full understanding of compliance needs — locally and globally, today and in the future. Learn more about 4Stop or contact Us.

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