Payment Technology Provider Dimebox Integrated and Now Live With 4Stop.

4Stop announced today they have partnered with Dimebox, a global payment technology provider. The integration of FourStops proprietary risk management technology as a fully integrated solution with Dimebox is now live and operational.

Published September 20th, 2017

Payment Technology Provider Dimebox Integrated and Now Live With FourStop
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Cologne, Germany, September 20, 2017 (Newswire) – 4Stop (“FourStop GmbH”) a KYC, compliance and anti-fraud risk management company, announced today they have partnered with Dimebox, a Global payment technology provider. The integration of FourStops proprietary risk management technology as a fully integrated solution with Dimebox is now live and operational.

Dimebox is at the forefront of innovative payment platforms, building all their payment solutions in-house and supporting the ever-evolving, rapidly growing FinTech market. Dimebox continuously implements leading-edge features to their platform that further enrich experience, usability, performance output and enables high value return for their clients. They have partnered with FourStop, the leader in KYC, compliance and risk management and integrated the FourStop platform to complement their own fraud solution they offer to their customers.

Through this integration Dimebox and their clients will be able to make use of FourStop’s complete suite of 400+ premium global KYC data sources, with the ability to activate them instantly. FourStops proprietary anti-fraud tools, real-time monitoring intelligence and data aggregation analysis merge seamlessly with Dimebox’s payment technology platform, together providing a feature-rich, failsafe payment solution for businesses to transact with confidence.

The technology driven focus of FourStop and Dimebox to bring best-in-class payment solutions to our mutual customer, creates a highly valuable and complementary solution. We are very excited that this partnership enables our customers to benefit from the advanced risk controls FourStop offers in combination with the global reach Dimebox facilitates.

“Clients of Dimebox will enable compliance in a matter of seconds and be instantly PSD (Payment Service Directive) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) ready, while utilizing anti-fraud tools including a powerful real-time rules and verification engine, with zero touch and impact on their business operations and internal IT resources. This allows clients and their business to grow exponentially with Dimebox. They are optimally and confidently preventing fraud, reducing their bottom line and ensuring that compliance requirements are adhered to, regardless of the evolutions of the digital regulatory and FinTech eco-system,” said Raymundo Leefmans, Dimebox CEO.

“We continue to expand our platform to truly be the leader in data aggregation and simplistic KYC and compliance implementation with hundreds of the world’s leading KYC data sources and anti-fraud technology. We want to support our clients with a one-stop solution that not only remains leading-edge within the FinTech market, but removes the barriers and complexities of obtaining KYC for compliance, while protecting our clients customer journeys from fraud,” said FourStop CEO, Ingo Ernst.“We are excited to be working with Dimebox to support their business, payment product offerings and their clientele through this integration.”

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About Dimebox

Headquartered in Amsterdam, Dimebox is an innovative Payment Technology Provider, founded by key experts with years of experience in the payments industry; expertise which enabled them to develop a fullstack acquiring solution that enables Financial Institutions all over the world to become front-runners in their respective fields. Dimebox offers PSP’s, acquirers, e-commerce platforms and APM’s a smart payment intelligence platform. The modular, white-label PaaS solution includes fully integrated Risk Management, a Fraud Engine powered by machine learning, Chargeback Automation and Billing and Settlement capabilities, enriched with Smart Data Analytics. The result is a powerful end-to-end processing solution enabling realtime decision making throughout the entire payments value chain, putting Financial Institutions in control of their transaction data. For more information, visit

About 4Stop

4Stop, based in Germany and founded in 2016 is a global KYC, compliance and anti-fraud risk management company. Through one API, businesses can access 400+ global premium KYC data sources to manage compliance requirements on a global scale, coupled with 4S proprietary anti-fraud technology, real-time intelligent monitoring, and data aggregation analysis. FourStop’s in-depth knowledge of the customer journey to mitigate risk, in conjunction with global regulatory requirements within markets allowed them to design their technology to be a one-stop solution to future-proof businesses to effortlessly and cost effectively manage their risk on fraud while adhering to compliance requirements, regardless of the evolution of our digital eco-system. Learn more about 4Stop or contact Us.

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