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Why juggle multiple providers?

When you can future-proof your KYB, KYC and risk in one easy step?

Implementing data services can take businesses many months, and the commitment of substantial resources and manpower. Now with 4Stop's data orchestration hub, there is a solution...

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Why juggle multiple providers, when you can futureproof your KYB, KYC and risk in one easy step?
Press Release Published on June 10th, 2020. View Press Release on Cision PR Newswire.

With life in lockdown continuing across the world, internet shopping is becoming the norm, as every business is by necessity now an online one – if it wasn’t already. China saw a 215 per cent year-on-year growth in online grocery sales between January and February, and in the US online sales have increased by 52 per cent.

Global restrictions, social distancing rules, and every other change Covid-19 has made to our lives have forced businesses to adapt to new challenges, however. Chief among these are the new opportunities for fraudsters that increased online activity and transactions bring, with communications from governments and organisations regarding the virus being adapted to phishing scams by criminals. And with hugely increased demand, and more and more people forced to work remotely, it’s becoming more difficult than ever to keep tabs on the scammers.

Data aggregation, KYC, KYB and risk compliance measures can be hard enough to implement in normal times, let alone during a pandemic. Implementing data services can take businesses many months, and the commitment of substantial resources and manpower. As a result, many just implement the minimum standards required, frustrated by the endless third-party data, AI and automation providers they often have to deal with. All the more worrying, given the increasing challenges companies face in these areas.

But in an article in Business Reporter, Ingo Ernst (CEO) and Alvaro Kurth (CRO) of 4Stop, describe how companies can remove the complexity of risk management integrations and manual due-diligence, and establish a real all-in-one solution, using KYB, KYC, compliance and fraud prevention technology.

4Stop is an orchestration hub that removes the hassle of engaging multiple operators to manage their data, replacing it with a one-stop shop that covers everything you need. 4Stop’s KYB solution enables companies to receive all the data they need automatically in one harmonised view, where they can confidently accept or decline merchant accounts. The 4Stop KYC data hub encompasses one of the world’s largest aggregation of KYC data services in the risk industry, to provide complete worldwide coverage, all with real-time activation and cascading verification logic. And its anti-fraud technology provides an automated, multi-faceted rules engine that performs dynamic decision-making risk analysis for granular risk monitoring and intelligence.

To find out more about 4Stop’s streamlined, easy solution to today’s data aggregation problems, click here to read their 'The Future of Payments - Manage KYB, KYC and Risk in One API' article presented in Business Reporter and Forbes or contact a representative directly at


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