We make it easy to stay compliant. Our global KYC and risk management platform brings together global premium data sources in a single integration. Allowing your business to activate any required KYC for compliance as regulations update.

Why we created 4Stop

Creating a one-stop solution for enterprise level KYC, compliance and anti-fraud to empower your business to grow with confidence.

The primary obstacle in setting up a streamlined risk-based approach and a globally scalable set of data providers for compliant KYC procedures is the challenge of having to integrate various data provider at different touch points in the customer experience. Traditionally this has been solved by various API integrations and Backoffice Management Systems. However, the founding members of 4Stop through their extensive experience in risk and compliance within the FinTech space saw this as a great opportunity and wanted to establish a solution.

A single API integration that provided a single Backoffice Management System with robust flexibility to enable global data sources in real-time, coupled with advanced risk management tools such as real-time dynamic rule sets. We did not know what will all change in the coming years, however one thing was certain, that change will be on-going as the regulating bodies in the various verticals related to online payments continue to tighten their rules and regulations framework to move closer to a fully supervised and compliant payment ecosystem.


"Establishing one product, one platform that not only simplifies and streamlines the risk management and compliance processes but enables enterprise-level businesses to process transactions globally with confidence and compliance as the regulatory and fraud landscapes change was our objective."

Future Proof KYC and Compliance

Future Proof
Your Business.

4Stop brings together trusted information, managed services, technology and expertise – an unrivaled combination that will empower your business to make well-informed decisions to confidently manage regulatory risk, while providing you with tools to make proactive decisions and action change that will accelerate your business performance.
The 4Stop platform has been developed with a full understanding of compliance needs — locally and globally, today and in the future.

Designed for enterprise volume.

Simple API integration
Designed for today's developer with a simple REST API and strong API definition and code examples in all major programming languages you'll be up and running in hours and not days.

World-class support offered 24/7 from our team and Data Scientists. Whether you just need to ask a question about a feature or need to grow or adjust your solution, we are here in hand to help.

The application runs on a PCI compliant Data Center and complies with the US and EU Safe Harbor Framework regarding the collection, use and retention of personal information. All the communication to the server is done over HTTPS TLS 1.2 filtered with a Web Application Firewall (TrueShield).

4S Platform 4S Platform

The one-stop solution.

How it Works

Stay compliant. Combat fraud. Grow with confidence.

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