How to Future-Proof Your KYC and Risk in One API.
Discover how through leading technologies you'll obtain utmost agility, gain a competitive edge and accelerate performance, regardless of regulatory or economic evolutions.

LIVE WEBINAR DATE: Wednesday, June 24th, 2020
START TIME: 2:00 PM GMT (10:00 am EST / 3:00 pm BST / 4:00 pm CET)
DURATION: 30 Minutes

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In this webinar, we will discuss strategies to obtain a fail-safe, future-proof global risk mitigation defence. The importance and benefits leveraging data aggregation and a complete orchestration hub to accelerate performance, maximise customer trust and engagement, and drive success through today's current landscape and be ready for whatever may come next.

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What We'll Discuss

Our online eco-system is fast-paced, ever-changing and demands virtues composed of steadiness and stability. Online entities are continually managing outside forces from savvy competitors, technology and consumer demands, regulatory evolutions and most recently, economic changes.

These virtues are more important now than ever. As a result of our global pandemic, we have seen a surge of internet users of 22.3% where online sales have increased by 52% YoY. With this increase of new global internet users and associated transactional volumes, another black box for risk and fraud presents. We have seen a rapid rise of fraudsters capitalising on the global crises to exponentially advance their cybercrime activities; wherein some countries an increase of 400% of online fraud has occurred.

It is imperative for businesses globally to rethink strategy, sync with leading technology developments and adapt their business mantras for future-proofed agility and sustainability regardless of economic change.


  • Landscape
    A snapshot of our current online payments and cybercrime activities. The overall impact; what has changed, and what to expect.

  • Technologies to Solve KYC & Risk
    • The rising data aggregation trend and why it's relevant
    • What is a complete orchestration hub and how do you leverage its power
    • How to utilise a data hub to accelerate onboarding and transactional management and revenue retention

  • Harness the Benefits
    • A deep-dive into the power of automation to mitigate risk
    • Staying agile and efficient through times of economic change
    • How to gain a competitive edge with cybersecurity
    • Strategies to future-proof risk management in a fail-safe and compliant manner


Ingo Ernst

Ingo Ernst - CEO   |    Profile
Ingo Ernst is a committed Fintech entrepreneur with extensive experience developing risk management and compliance software. He has proven significant virtues in managing outside forces from savvy competitors, technology demands, regulatory evolutions and economic changes in an unwavering, modest leadership style. From the conception of 4Stop back in 2016 he has been a driving force to 4Stop’s success. Leveraging his excellent technical knowledge, operations management and supervisory skills gained over 15+ years. Prior to 4Stop, Ingo was head of EMEA for Vogogo Inc. and held senior risk management positions at Deutsche Bank and Wirecard.

Brian Daly

Brian Daly - Head of Product Implementation & Innovation   |    Profile
Brian; a technologist at heart, with over 20+ years experience in the technology & payments industry, will create an empowered dual for 4Stop innovations. Brian has previously worked with international banks and payment service providers including; First Data, WorldPay and Mastercard. Brian joins 4Stop and leaves the world or quantum computing and quantum encryption behind where he worked to keep your data safe online, to keep your company safe from Risk.

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