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Enhance Digital Identities From The Device Up.
Device Intelligence for Enhanced Digital Profiling and Optimised Risk Mitigation.

In today’s ever-changing online eco-system that encompasses continuous technology advancements, multiple end-user device implementations and vulnerability to modern fraudsters, the usability of smart technology, like device intelligence, is paramount for efficient and successful risk mitigation on a global scale.

In this eBook written by 4Stop and iovation; leaders passionate about making online engagements not only user-friendly but secure and trustworthy, discuss the importance and benefits of device intelligence, multi-layered KYC and smart anti-fraud tools offer your business. From obtaining customer trust to maximising their engagement through to premium fraud defence.

"When businesses transact globally in real-time, the potential for fraud is a lot higher as often times they don’t have the ability to review the volume and speed of onboarding registrations and transactions. An online business can have up to 2,000 data parameters for a single transaction. If you multiply that by millions of transactions per day or sometimes even per hour, it’s tough for global companies trying to achieve instant payments under PSD2, for instance, to stay on top.

Partnering with a global KYC data aggregator that performs your KYC in real-time and pairs it with data- driven fraud defence allows for a centralised view of risk to improve reaction times and drive a positive brand experience."
states Ingo Ernst, CEO, 4Stop

A review of the global eCommerce and online engagement trends.
How identity fraud is a growing concern.
How to utilise device intelligence to best combat fraud.
Utilising multi-faceted KYC to build consumer trust.
Benefits of utilising a VaaS solution provider for global KYC.


Dive further as Nolan Bolusan COO 4Stop and Tom Pak EVP Global Sales, iovation discuss into the importance of layering diverse technologies to overcome modern fraudsters and obtain premium fraud prevention. How to maximise multifactor verification and authentication services to automate your risk mitigation and improve your bottom line through device risk insight.

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