Fully stacked,
on-demand KYC

Stop singular KYC integrations. Now with just one API into 4S you have an all-in-one solution, providing you with instant access to hundreds of KYC data sources with the ability to deploy them live in real-time.

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KYC Made Smart.
One Integration. Hundreds of KYC.
Real-time Verifications and Analysis.

Our KYC technology eliminates cumbersome, costly and inefficient KYC processes.

With the ability to activate KYC required in minutes, through to configuring associated dynamic anti-fraud and receiving granular KYC performance analysis, you'll easily manage KYC requirements on a global scale.

Dashboard Monitoring

Our KYC data hub is home to hundreds of KYC data services with the ability to activate in real-time, in just a few clicks.

KYC Global Compliance KYC Global Compliance KYC Global Compliance KYC Global Compliance

Future-Proof Your KYC.
For Compliance And Anti-Fraud Globally.

Our online eco-system and associated regulatory requirements are rapidly evolving and we're constantly aggregating data and APIs to support.

With 4Stop you can be confident that not only your current KYC requirements are managed, but that you are integrated into a solution that will future-proof all of your KYC requirements and associated risk-based model operations regardless of the ever-changing landscape.

With a simple step-by-step KYC activation process.

KYC Add Progress Bar Select KYC Data Source Select KYC Country Select KYC Touchpoint

  • A simple step-by-step implementation process
  • Enable KYC service in one-click
  • Assign KYC to specific countries or globally

  • Sync your current KYC API's into 4Stop
  • Configure cascading verification logic
  • Add KYC in a 10-day SLA integration

  • Easily assign KYC per customer touchpoint
  • Set endless anti-fraud parameters per KYC
  • Real-time deployment or scheduled release

Real-Time and Fully Automated Verifications.
With hundreds of automated anti-fraud system actions to minimise manual review processes - including the ability to blacklist instantly at the point of registration to ensure risk is mitigated from the onboarding experience.

Support Services Support Services Support Services Support Services Support Services

Layered With Real-Time Cascading Verification Logic.
To Maximise Cost-Savings and Data.

Every time you call for KYC we give you full control as to what data source is called and in what order for every customer touchpoint. Whether it's for onboarding, transactional verification, or account updates, your KYC will perform in the most efficient manner possible. Dramatically saving your business KYC operational expenses and ensuring the best data experience is obtained.

Multi-Faceted KYC Rules Engine and Anti-Fraud.

4Stop’s proprietary real-time anti-fraud technology gives you complete control and flexibility to assign rules and risk thresholds specific to every activated KYC data source.

With over 800+ pre-determined rule configurations, a free-form rules wizard, 'what-if' rule logic and an array of dynamic anti-fraud features you'll have everything you require to ensure verifications, validations and authentications are processed with the highest degree of fraud protection.

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anti-fraud rules engine anti-fraud rules engine anti-fraud rules engine

With an interactive KYC dashboard providing real-time KYC performance monitoring analysis and reports.

Providing you with rich data output reports to know exactly how your KYC is performing per merchant, country, customer touchpoint and/or group. Easily view verification performance analysis at a holistic view or drilled down per KYC service, knowing in seconds volumes, patterns, authorisation to rejected rates and much more.

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Download KYC & Compliance Solution Feature Book.

Download and share with your operations team our 4S platform features and how we can future-proof your KYC for compliance via a single API integration.

• KYC Data Source Services
• Implementation Features & Guide
• KYC Country Coverage

• KYC Rules Management
• KYC Monitoring and Reporting
• Agent User Account Features & Management

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