4Stop ranked a top 20 risk management provider of 2017.

There is an urgent need for companies to alter their mindset to an effective risk-based strategy and decision making perspective. CIOReview reports on the 20 most promising enterprise risk management solution providers of 2017.

Published August 30, 2017

4Stop ranks in the top 20 risk management provider of 2017.
Report by CIOReview.

In the modern era, businesses are jostling for operating in a dynamic, competitive environment, since they are highly dependent on rapidly evolving technology, integration, and access to global markets, exposing organizations to a plethora of risks. There is an urgent need for companies to alter their mindset to an effective risk-based strategy and decision making perspective. Risk Managers have also come to the realization that measuring concrete risks, at a minimum, will help establish a baseline for strategic decisions.

Enterprise Risk Management is taking the center stage in how companies run their business. Technology is playing a key role as an enabler for this transformation, driving demand for new architectures. Organizations should look beyond regulation and cost-reduction and view risk management as a strategic element of their value chain, delivering sustainable growth and innovation.

We present to you COIReview's 20 Most Promising Enterprise Risk Management Solution Providers 2017.

FourStop, a One-Stop Global Compliance
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Ingo Ernst, an enthusiastic FinTech entrepreneur with a decade-long experience in developing risk management and compliance software, believes that risk management is ideally a combination of compliance, Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and monitoring customer behavior and their transactions. According to Ernst, a key impediment to rationalized risk-based approach is the task of integrating disparate data sources at various customer touchpoints, as enterprises often face issues with data harmonization. Meanwhile, regulatory bodies across verticals related to online payments continue to impose a strict regulations framework, making it imperative for enterprises to have a foolproof KYC and risk management solution in place.

Equipped with extensive experience in risk and compliance within the FinTech arena, the technologist quartet of Ingo Ernst, Alvaro Kurth, Nolan Bolusan and Daniel Alvarado, co-founded FourStop to provide a one-stop-shop for KYC, compliance and fraud prevention, in a manner that was simplistic to integrate with one API and allowed businesses to effortlessly manage their risk and compliance requirements today and in the future.

"It's not just about preventing fraud or addressing compliance gaps. We enable businesses to grow and expand quickly and efficiently through a single integration." Stated Ingo Ernst

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