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We've Partnered.

To enriched our data hub with award-winning AML data and technology.

Through this partnership, our clients will easily access ComplyAdvantage's world-class dynamic and interlinked datasets for screening and monitoring technology on AML data, adverse information and published media.

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Position: Finance Accounting in our Cologne, Germany Head Office

Love numbers? To strengthen our financial arena, we are looking for a qualified employee for our accounting department to provide quantitative information about our company's performance, financial position, solvency, liquidity and cash flows.

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iovation   +   iovation

Optimising Customer Experience Under PSD2 Webinar.

In conjunction with iovation we discuss harnessing the new PSD2 regulation to adapt and improve the customer experience, build trust, loyalty and retention with your brand while complying with ease.

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Maximise Onboarding

With Powerful KYC and Fraud Prevention Technology.

The Paypers have launched their new "Digital Onboarding and KYC Report 2020". Detailing key insightful perspectives on global KYC management, latest identity verification and authentication technology and trends.

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KYC. Compliance. Anti-Fraud.

Offering hundreds of global premium KYC data sources for automated compliance, paired with advanced anti-fraud technology with real-time intelligence, all via a single API.

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Maximising KYC to eliminate the vulnerability of online fraud and build customer engagement.

As payments and online engagement continue to expand, as do our global fraudsters. How businesses are implementing an array of KYC, not just for compliance, but expanding their KYC data services to truly identify digital identities for all touchpoints of the customer journey and in a manner that has little to no impact on their development resources.

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ID Verification:
A deep dive into various use cases.

Today’s global regulatory environment is in constant flux. As digitalization continues to spread through more and more industries, regulations—especially in areas like data privacy and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) policies—will have to evolve to keep up.

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KYC & Identity.

Verification Challenges in Today's Global Era.

For any business, it’s important to know your customer (KYC). In today’s interconnected world of increasingly global corporations mean that companies must take a myriad of different regulations into account when planning their processes. This is a complex challenge, and the penalties for not meeting them are severe.

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One API Is All You Need.
KYB, KYC, Compliance and Anti-Fraud.

4Stop aggregates trusted information, managed services, data, software and expertise to establish a next-generation all-in-one KYB, KYC, compliance and anti-fraud solution.

Through one API access thousands of global data points, hundreds of global KYC data sources, harmonised data science and 4Stop's proprietary real-time anti-fraud and monitoring technology.

Dashboard Monitoring


Real-Time KYB.

Underwrite businesses with results in under 7 minutes. Combined with enhanced real-time KYC on directors to verify every merchant for seamless onboard.

Hundreds of
KYC Data Sources.

Hundreds of global KYC data sources with real-time activation and cascading verification logic for cost-savings and the best data experience possible.

Instant Global

Effortlessly manage compliance regardless of the ever-changing regulatory landscape with on-demand KYC and granular one-click compliance reporting.

Rules Engine.

Automate anti-fraud through our advanced rules engine with 800+ pre-determined rules, free-form scripting, real-time deployment and cascading performance.

Real-Time Monitoring.
Enjoy a single-view-of-risk of all KYC and anti-fraud performance with real-time intelligence and fully customisable dashboards with advanced filtering.

Data Science.

Add our solution to your KYC integrations and maximising your global data points and data performance capabilities in a frictionless manner, from a single API.

Enterprise-level solution to fully support and scale to your customers and transaction volume.

Automated KYB.
Underwrite Merchants With Ease.

Advanced mirroring technology investigates your merchants' online presence in near real-time through open source intelligence. Within 7 minutes you’ll receive a thorough assessment regarding their overall website presence with clear risk indicators.

Combined with enhanced real-time KYC performed on directors, you'll obtain comprehensive reports and intelligence to streamline the verification process for every merchant you onboard.

Dashboard Monitoring Monitoring

  • Money Laundering Detection
  • Merchant Location Determination
  • Compliance Sanctions & PEP Screening

  • Category Code Detection
  • Deceptive Traffic Detection
  • Historical Website Data Analysis

  • Predictive Risk Analysis
  • Enhanced KYC On Directors
  • Automated On-Going KYB Re-Checks

Dashboard Monitoring

KYC Made Smart.
One Integration. Hundreds of KYC.
Real-time Verifications and Analysis.

Our KYC technology eliminates cumbersome, costly and inefficient KYC processes.

With the ability to activate KYC required in minutes, through to configuring associated dynamic anti-fraud and receiving granular KYC performance analysis, you'll easily manage KYC requirements on a global scale.

Through a single API, have global compliance coverage by having access to hundreds of KYC data sources with the ability to activate them in real-time. All backed behind 4Stop's rich data output, establishing fully customised reports for regulatory bodies is quick and easy.

Dashboard Monitoring Monitoring Monitoring
anti-fraud rules engine anti-fraud rules engine

Multi-Faceted Rules Engine.
Anti-Fraud With Automated Intelligence.

4Stop’s proprietary real-time anti-fraud and monitoring technology allows you to monitor your traffic from a single-view-of-risk with quantifiable data and real-time intelligence. The rules engine is designed with robust feature-rich technology to allow dynamic checking and securing of customers and their transactions.

  • 800+ Pre-Determined Rule Parameters
  • Free-Form Rule Scripting
  • Cascading Rule Verification Technology

  • Automated Responses and System Actions
  • Time-Frame Intelligence
  • Association Logic

  • Fully Integrated Analytics
  • Real-Time Intelligence and Monitoring
  • Customised Exportable Data Reports

Improve Reaction Times.
With a Centralised View-of-Risk.

Know exactly what is going on everyday, all day. Through fully integrated anlaytics and the ability to one-click activate widgets from the hundreds of pre-determined reporting widget library and reposition widget placement you will fully customise your dashboard experience to optimise your monitoring processes. Paired with the systems robust filter options and tab review functionality, to effortlessly drill down to exactly the data you want to review and/or compare. We make monitoring simple and enjoyable.

Dashboard Monitoring

Real-time Intelligence

Through one integration, enjoy a global centralised view of risk with auto-refreshed monitoring of registrations, payment volumes, declined rates, chargebacks and much more at both merchant, sub-merchant and customer level.

Multi-layered Monitoring

See it all, from our risk analysis dashboard, detailed summary reports, customer profiles and transactional history, comprehensive rules output reports, to case reviews with a wide range of data vendor responses.

One-Click Reviews

Triage your traffic with ease. Instantly targeted one-click review queues configured for any criteria with performance monitoring for complete history profiling backlog. Coupled with the ability to generate customised export and reports.

Dashboard Monitoring Monitoring

Premium Data Aggregation.
Thousands of Global Data Points.

Add our solution to your KYC integrations and maximising your global data points and data performance capabilities in a frictionless manner.

Through our data science establish full market profiles and risk rule simulations. With comprehensive data simulation reports you can make quantifiable decisions to confidently expand globally and / or optimize your current KYC data performance and fraud prevention.

Centralised Global View of Risk and Checks.
How our all-in-one risk and compliance market solution works.

How 4Stop Works

Challenges in KYB, KYC, Compliance and Anti-Fraud.

It can be a cumbersome and costly process to implement the necessary verifications for underwriting businesses, through to verifying their customers and transactions with required KYC for compliance and fraud prevention.


A recent report stated the average onboarding times to ensuring businesses and directors are properly verified for AML, compliance, and fraud prevention is 26 days and growing.


KYC is being solved through multiple integrations with a high degree of manual intervention and review with little ability to automate KYC activation or harmonise the data performance.


It is a cumbersome, costly and inefficient process to integrate and manage required KYC for compliance for true world-wide coverage or per localized regulation.


Ensuring accurate KYC for compliance comes with an array of multiple integrations that causes IT development resource strain, increases costs and delays market entry.

4Stop Use Cases

Our continued investment in robust technology means that clients can confidently integrate with an organization at the forefront of leading-edge KYC, compliance, risk technology to keep your 4S solution effective and cutting-edge.

Businesses that have utilized 4Stop’s anti-fraud technology experience a 66.6% reduction in chargebacks in the first 2 months with an average of 81.5% approval authorization rate.

With 4Stop's real-time cascading KYC verification technology, businesses have seen a growth of 10.9% in savings within the first 2 months.

  • Chargeback Reduction:
  • Authorization Rates Increased:
  • Savings Increased: