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Choose from the largest network of the worlds leading-edge KYC verification tools in the industry
with a quick 'plug-in' integration from a single API.

Our brain is your brain 24/7 Data Scientists

Don't let man power slow you down. From data management, monitoring to rules configuration,
we have you covered including a complete managed services solution.

Localise KYC and scale with speed

Activate in real-time any additional data from our advanced KYC, or if you need a specific KYC data service not in our network,
we'll integrate it within 5 days, with no filled dev. queue ever!

Digital payment continues to grow at an explosive pace with an expected $1.9 Trillion US dollars spent worldwide in 2016 and more than 40% of the worlds internet population participating.

How you manage your volume, required KYC, associated risk, and compliance, and maximise the return to your business from our fast-paced eCommerce world, is where we come in.

About our product

What we do

Providing premium innovation to KYC, risk management and compliance to integrate and perform better and quicker than any other in the industry.

Elite KYC Service Network

Leveraging the worlds leading verification technology, third party identity, and fraud data vendors to create the largest selection of KYC tools in the industry, available via one simple API.

Need a KYC data service not in our network? We'll integrate it within 5-days. Keeping you leading-edge, protected and compliant.


We make you 4MLD ready while keeping you current with PSD I and II, Fincen, Fintrac and MLD.

Absolute Protection

With hundreds of tools available and effortless activation your KYC and risk management can be as comprehensive and multi-layered as you want.

Fast Plug-In Integrations

Entering a new market and require additional data services for localised protection?

Want to modernise your exisiting processes with a new leading-edge verification technology?

we have you covered.

Integrate whatever you need, when you need it, in a 5-day SLA integration with zero impact on your IT or business.

Single View of Risk

Our single integration provides one consolidated view of risk and streamlines your operations and allows you to respond faster to suspicious activity.

Powerful Rules Engine

Built with a pre-determined rules wizard, time-limited settings, full control of rule scripting, weighting and automated system actions. The only limitation is your imagination on configurations.

Future Proofing

Stay compliant by adding any new KYC service or risk rules required as regulations update.


Our Product

KYC Verifications
Utilise the widest range of leading-edge KYC technology from biometric services, advanced ID verification, email reputation, phone verifications, geo location IP screening, granular device ID, AVS global, customised blacklists, behaviour modeling and more.
Global Compliance
From sanction screening to global watchlists coupled with a myriad of industry-specific use case regulatory requirement expertise, reporting, and automated features. We remove the complexities of compliance to bring peace-of-mind, regardless of where your business transacts.
Vendor On-Demand
Keeping risk management modern and adopting the latest technologies for many businesses can be quite costly and time-consuming, limiting their ability to do so. With 4Stop you can stay leading-edge, enjoy direct relationships with the data vendors through a one-time API integration.
Advanced Monitoring
Millions of transactions? Multiple sub-merchants? No problem. From real-time screen feeds, integrated analytics, one-click reports, multi-layered customised KPI dashboards and notification alerts you'll have everything you need to review your traffic and improve reaction times. Streamlining your operations, no matter your volume output.
Fraud Mitigation
A powerful risk rules engine built with hundreds of multi-layered parameters and automated system routing responses, coupled with machine learning, account profiling, and association logic, customised blacklisting and more. You will have all the right tools you need to minimise your exposure and stop fraud in its tracks.
Data Scientists
Our personalised Data Scientists will not only work with you to ensure required verifications and system features are integrated for the best protection, transactional performance and compliance specific to your business, but are available 24/7, scalable and on-demand, allowing instant expansion into new markets with no filled dev. queues.

Comprehensive KYC
in a fast one-time integration

Designed for enterprise volume. Whether your a direct merchant, a payment gateway or an acquiring bank, we have everything you need to stay agile and optimally protected against illicit activity to capitalise on the digital transactional landscape.

Be empowered.
Be confident.

The monitary value for businesses to adopt the latest KYC technology is substancial, doing so is not always feasible, however, not doing so is detrimental.

We have the solution.

With instant access to an advanced network of innovative KYC technology, you can modernise your business in minutes.

Customer Value

The more you accurately verify customers the more you can convert false positives and reduce friction and improve conversions.

Market Confidence

Effortlessly create customer and whole market profiles to review and activate any data aggregation and service required within 5 days.

Scale With Speed

From simple activation of KYC tools to 24/7 access to personalised Data Scientists you can scale your business and its volume overnight with zero limitations.


About FourStop

Our team is built with individuals that have spent their time in executive roles and successful start-ups in the areas of tier one banking, risk management, data science, and scientific research. Our dedicated experience in the digital payment landscape inspired us to design an innovative solution. We believe even though fraud mitigation and localised regulatory requirements is a cumbersome, multi-layered, and costly process; businesses should be able to do so in an innovative and simplistic manner. With little to no pain point on their business and to monetise on its benefits. We built FourStop to do just that.

Servicing our digital transactional world our platform is innovative in its intelligence to leverage the largest selection of advanced leading-edge verification tools, with the ability to integrate additional datasets within 5 days. Layered with global compliance processes, automation to streamline operations and robust anti-fraud features, all from a single API, businesses can tailor their required KYC, KYB, and AML toolsets with efficiency and ease. Allowing them to stay advanced in their processes and leverage today's technology to maximise their return and growth for their business.


Our Team

Ingo Ernst

CEO, Founder

Alvaro Kurth

CRO, Co-Founder

Nolan Bolusan

COO, Co-Founder

Daniel Alvarado

CTO, Co-Founder


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Intergaming Issue 6 - pages 25-33

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For a sector so dependent on regulation and, by extension, the political climate of the day, 2016 has been a potentially critial year...

"4AMLD includes online operators, while it was previously just focused on land-based casinos. What was once 'best practic' is now a regulatory requirement." - States Ingo Ernst

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The power of protection.
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Stay compliant. Combat fraud. Grow with confidence.


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